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Q.Do I have to register to post an ad?
Answer:Yes. You need to register a free account to post and edit an ad on PostFree4ad. Having an account on PostFree4ad has many advantages:

Q:How can I include images in my ad?
Answer:On the "Post Ad" page, look for the "Add image" section under the "Ad type" section. Select a picture file from your computer’s hard disk and click OK. The picture is then uploaded and attached to your ad. The uploaded pictures need to be in either jpeg, gif or png format and they can have a maximum size of 8 MB each.
Each Ad can have up to four pictures. Adding pictures to your ad will significantly increase its success.
Furthermore, you can also use the HTML “img” tag to embed images. In this case, your images need to be already accessible on the web.
Please follow the guidelines for posting photos as stated in our Terms of Use.

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